Personal Data Policy


Personal Data Policy of Website

1. Data Processor Identification & Relevant Regulation

SpoluWorks Perfecta brand and this website ( is operated by SpoluWorks Perfecta s.r.o. headquartered in Za Humny 3306/18B, Boršov, 697 01 Kyjov, Czech Republic under identification number 26218500, hereinafter "SpoluWorks Perfecta".


This statement informs about personal data processing, data protection, and cookie use carried out by SpoluWorks Perfecta in compliance with GDPR (European Union regulation 2016/679) and other regulations regarding personal data protection. SpoluWorks Perfecta acts as a data processor with an appointed data protection officer, who can be contacted at


Please do not use the website or our services if you disagree with the statement of the privacy policy and use of cookies. 

2. Data Subject Identification

SpoluWorks Perfecta processes personal data about all website visitors who accepted the privacy policy and use of cookies statement. Further, SpoluWorks Perfecta processes personal data submitted using any form embedded in the website.


Whenever Spoluworks Perfecta determines the purpose and means of personal data processing, SpoluWorks Perfecta acts as a data controller in accordance with the purpose and scope of provided data.



3. Purpose of Data Processing

We process personal data for the purpose of i) complying with the law, ii) marketing communication, iii) pre-contractual communication, iv) hiring, v) contractual relationships, vi) experience enhancement, vii) security, and viii) providing customer support.


Additionally, we process personal data to detect and prevent violation of terms and conditions, abuse of any website's component, law violation, hacking or phishing attacks, or any other malicious behavior.

4. Data Identification

Personal data processed by SpoluWorks Perfecta may include the following data:

i) Device identification data, including IP address, browser version, device, operating system, screen resolution, and browsing route.
ii) Behavioral data, including date of visit, visit duration, pages visited, number of visited pages, number of visits, cross-device visits, and interaction with website elements.
iii) Demographic data, namely nationality, age, gender, and geographic area.
iv) Any data submitted using embedded forms, including but not limited to full name, email address, telephone number, address, company, and any data provided in fields tagged "Your Message" or with any reasonable equivalent of this tag.

5. Data Sharing

Police or other authorities may request access to personal data collected by SpoluWorks Perfecta. SpoluWorks Perfecta will share personal data with the police or other authorities whenever it is legally obliged to do so.


SpoluWorks Perfecta cooperates with subcontractors, who might process personal data on SpoluWorks Perfecta's behalf. Subcontractors are predominantly cloud and IT vendors or marketing providers. All SpoluWorks Perfecta subcontractors are contractually obliged to comply with all regulations protecting personal data.


SpoluWorks Perfecta shares data with platforms for analytical, marketing, and functional purposes. Data sharing with analytical and marketing platforms are limited to necessary data to facilitate its function.

6. Data Subject Rights

The data subject has the right to opt-out from marketing communication using the "unsubscribe" option in the marketing communication itself or by contacting SpoluWorks Perfecta at


The data subject has the following rights:
i) access their personal data;
ii) obtain a copy of personal data;
iii) request correction of any inaccuracies;
iv) request deletion of personal data based on GDPR Article 17 rules;
v) request restriction or limitation of personal data processing;
vi) object to personal data processing.


The data subject has the right to file a complaint to the relevant data protection authorities in the Czech Republic.

7. Data Security

SpoluWorks Perfecta has implemented all reasonable measures to protect privacy and prevent any unauthorized access to the data. Data protection is composed of organizational, technical, and physical measures consistent with current best practices to ensure a sufficient level of protection.


Implemented measures are not detailed in this publicly available statement to not compromise their ability to protect personal data.

8. Data Retention

All personal data are stored for a period of time needed to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected. Data may be stored longer, only when longer retention is required by law or relevant authorities.


Data for statistical and analytical purposes are anonymized and then stored in a form unattributable to a specific person. Anonymized data are no longer personal data; therefore, its retention is subject to SpoluWorks Perfecta discretion.

9. Changes to This Statement

This statement can be updated by SpoluWorks Perfecta at any time without notice. The updated version will become in force on time of publishing it on the CareCloud website.


Datu of publishing the current version: 10.05.2023